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Welcome to Foundation Stage - 2 October 2020

A huge welcome to all of our new families and it is also lovely to welcome the younger siblings of children who have been at our school before.

After all of our preparations and re-organised, shortened transition, the children have now spent their first full week at school. It is great to have that excited buzz of young children back in the Foundation Stage. The children have spent their first week getting to know their new environment and also getting back into the routine of spending a day at school - many of them have not done that since March, which is a very long time in their lives! They have had to get used to the idea of saying goodbye to families at the gate and then using their new found independence to get on with their day with people that they scarcely know. This has been a challenge for some, but we are very proud of everyone for being brave and "having a go". I know there are some very tired children!

All the Foundation team are looking forward to getting to know your children really well and we will endeavour to keep you up to speed with everything they are up to as soon as we can. Obviously everything is different this year, so please bear with us as we get all of the new routines in place. This website is a good place to start for information and there will also be plenty of emails. However please do contact us if there are any concerns or if you feel something is not quite clear. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to a happy year with your children!