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Pastoral Care and Discipline

We strive to create a happy, purposeful working atmosphere. The expectation is that everyone within our School community, behaves with consideration, kindness and respect towards others both within the school and outside of it.

Every member of staff has the responsibility to ensure that children develop self-discipline and recognise the need to be honest and considerate towards others. Members of staff also ensure that there is a sense of order as we move around the school, in order that we may develop an environment that fosters a good climate for learning.


Positive behaviour is always celebrated and the Headteacher gives a weekly award to those children who display a hard work ethic, manners, consideration or kindness towards others. We have come to a conclusion that we would rather celebrate the positive than focus on the odd bits of negative behaviour that sometimes occur.


There are of course times when children may forget our aims for good behaviour and may be unkind or inconsiderate towards others. Unacceptable behaviour such as bullying, fighting or rudeness is not tolerated and is dealt with firmly and swiftly. Parents will be informed if there is a serious incident or if we notice a pattern of poor behaviour developing. By choosing Clewer Green you in essence agree to our policy on behaviour and there may be times when we call upon you to reinforce the messages constantly expressed during school hours.


The Governors do have the option to exclude a child for a fixed term or even permanently. This is an absolute last resort and only used very, very rarely.