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Sickness & Accidents in School

If your child is feeling unwell, please keep them at home.  If they have been sick, have a fever or an upset stomach, they will need to have at least two clear school days since the symptoms have ceased before they can come back to school. Because of the nature of schools, bugs and colds spread very quickly and easily. If your child is ill during school time you will be called to come and collect them. We all know what it is like to be feeling unwell and having to be at work and it is no different for children. Children simply can’t function properly if they do not feel well and the quality of their learning suffers.


We have a Welfare Assistant and members of staff are First Aid trained and will deal with any minor injuries such as cuts, grazes and bruises. Once your child has been attended to they will resume their normal school activities.

It is school procedure to call home every time your child has a head bump. We will do these even if it is minor to make you aware and your child will be monitored accordingly.


You will be contacted immediately if your child suffers an accident that is more serious than outlined above in order for you to take them to your GP, or to an Accident and Emergency Department. In the unlikely event of a very serious injury and we are not able to contact you, we will call the emergency services. We cannot stress enough the importance of having up to date contact details, and hope that you appreciate the importance of keeping us up to date with changes of mobile numbers and even addresses.